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MPG Group  was founded in 2009 in Georgia.

Our goal – a presentation of scientific, cultural and sports fields in the modern era of globalization that is of interest both for Georgian and for the international society for the general reader.
We offer you the products of the world and the modern standard, both in content and in the visual background.

We are moving towards a brighter future!

Director of the «MPG Group»  – Paata Khunashvili

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The company “M-P-G Group” and its affiliate, the publishing house “Tsigni+Eri” offered a very exciting project. Their desire was to create a series of books about the successful Georgian sportsmen. At first I refused, because, frankly, I did not know what the response would be followed by the society. Fortunately, the publishing house with guidance of the chief editor- Gogi Saliashvili created a very high-level team of professionals which led me to write my autobiography. I think we created an interesting book. I keep getting Lots of excited e-mails. Thanks to the company “M-P-G Group” and, indeed, to it’s professional team.

Mamuka GorgodzeRugby National Team Captain

The company “M-P-G Group” was newly formed, when it’s head and my friend Paata Khunashvili called me and asked me to help with publishing of multivolume book “Chveni Ghirsebani”. I thought that it was truly national project, so I promised financial and moral support.  Eight books of this multivolume is already published. Our material and national aspects and everything that got our nation are gathered in this book. This book is based on the sermon of The Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II. Thanks to the company “M-P-G Group” in this glorious work.

Manuchar MarkoishviliBasketball national team member

Our bank registered the company “M-P-G” in 2009. Turned out that director of this company-Paata Khunashvili was my classmate and this organization has become more acceptable and interesting. Over the years the company has increased efforts to move forward, and now this holding combines four independent, profitable and successful organizations (“Zanduki”, “Tsigni+Eri”, “M-P-G”, “M-P-G Group”). I think it is not their maximum and there’s a great chance that this company maximize their effort to be the best.

Tinatin KiasashviliBranch Head of "ProCredit Bank"

We have years of accumulated experience with “M-P-G Group” The first, which we decided to do business with the company, is its efficiency and performance. it is very important to work with professionals in this field, because product advertisement, which are used by our company, are very diverse and different from other standard advertising products. Company “M-P-G Group” with its material-technical base, a team of professionals and performances convinced us that, along with their activities, there is no unresolved problem in this field.

Davit KaldaniCaucasus regional sales manager, "Kimberley Clark"